Monday, December 26, 2011

FlashMob Dance with Kids on Christmas Day!

Hundreds of children come out of their houses along with their parents to celebrate Christmas, tiny tots snuggled cozily in their parents arms. However, there is other side to this reality. Reality of hundreds of kids who are not so lucky, who do not have parents, kids who are orphans, kids who are homeless, kids who are disadvantaged. Yes - there are a few Samaritans, who make a point to visit them and distribute toffees and sweets on such occasions. But does that make them feel better ? We don't know. So, we thought of turning the story around ~ Instead of we visiting them, we thought why not get them out of their orphanage and allow them to celebrate with the world outside ... in their own style.

It was an amazing experience, the kids are so lovely.. We had great time...! And here is how we did it ..experience this..!

This is organized by Lectures For Good and People behind this project are Preeti Pooja, Tania Dey, Ravi Kumar, Chandra Sekhar Singh, Rama Viswanatha, Nivedita Narsapur, Paritosh Prahraj, Sultan, Ranjeet Kumar Tayi & others who supoorted this event.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Yeh Lal Rang!

A hero is travelling from Karnataka in search of his heroine. In this journey, he travels to various places. The hero of this story is not revealed. There is also a villain who is trying to chase the heroine. What happens next? 
This story is curated with more than seventy pictures of TEAM HWS Photographers (India's most active online  photo walking community) and the unique part of this is that all the photographs are in red theme. This event is organized by me and my TEAM HWS and curated by Kaali Sudheer.

This unique photo exhibition `Yeh Lal Rang'  is open to all from November 13 - 22nd at Muse Art Gallery, Hotel Marriott, Hyderabad. This is a charity event. 
All my friends are invited for the photo exhibition "Yeh Lal Rang!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jobs - We Salute You...

Steve Job - you are real innovator, a great designer and creator, we feel connected to someone who is also a designer and visionary.You have given new path & many products which made revolution and made people life simpler. You are the one who made people aware of design & its importance how "smart" a product can be. I am avid MAC user and started my career on MAC for learning Photoshop in the year 1998. I have been toggling between Apple  / Windows at work but i love MAC to work with. Apple is something close to my heart and love & feel proud to use all apple gadgets.

You have been struggling with virus called cancer and finally we lost you. You are our true inspiration and role model. Love to  follow your path and keep you quotes in mind always. I love this quote "Stay Hungry... Stay Foolish" and this mean lot to us... You may be gone but you have left such a great legacy. You visualize mixture of art & science to make computing simpler and your design sense created a bond between the people. 
Jobs- You are still in our memory and you are there in our inspiration always. Thanks for everything...You will be our inspiration & memories... WE SALUTE YOU

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making Winning Online talk at "Freelance Fair Conference" 2011

I was a speaker at "Freelance Fair Conference 2011". My topic of my talk was on "Building Winning Online Portfolios" for designers, writers, bloggers and other freelance professionals. This was held on 7th august 2011 @ Hyderabad.
Freelance fair Conference - 2011

There were many serious freelance professionals attended this event which was organized by "Lectures for Good" organization. My goal for this talk is to showcase the importance of portfolios and make sure every freelancer should have a striking online portfolios. Overall, it was good and happy to see people noting down the notes.

Many people requested my presentation deck and hence i am uploading here so that any one can see it.

Making Winning Online Portfolios

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google's seamless advertising User Experience Strategy makes big bucks!

In most cases advertising is a killer USER EXPERIENCE in the web context many time. It is very difficult to craft experiences between the context with revenue generating advertisements. In general, most users really hate advertisement as it deviates the context. Google is one example who has mapped seamless user experiences with context sensitive advertising strategy with tiny advertisements (PAY FOR CLICK MODEL). Do you know one thing, Google 97% revenue is from Advertising.

Google is now making $3 billion a month in advertising, the majority of which comes from little text ads next to search results. That's wonderful right? Guess who is spending this huge bucks?
The answer, according to Larry Kim — the founder of a company that sells software to analyze text ad campaigns — is in industries where a customer is worth a lot of money over the long-term.

Wordstream, kim's company analyzed search terms that advertisers pay and grouped 10,000 by industry, using its own software. They have multiplied Cost Per Click - what advertisers pay to Google for some one click on the Google Ads - Times the number of times people click on that word.  Look at the beautiful info graphic of the top 20 industry which explains Google stats visually.
 (Image - Workstream)

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Future of User Interface & Design Technologies

The future if user interfaces - The way we interact with technologies have evolved a lot over the years. Right from the punch cards, typewriters, prints, to monitors, mouses, keyboard, buttons to all the way to the new track pads, voice recognition, multi touch, hand held, gestures and interfaces designed to make it more easier.

Lot of interaction patterns has been changed from "Smaller Vs Bigger"; "Cursor Vs Non Cursor" ; "Less Text Vs More Images"; "More Design Vs Less Design"; "Single Cursor Vs Multi Cursors"; "Vertical Scroll Vs Horizontal Scroll"; "Fixed Layout Vs Scalable Layout"; "Audio Vs Video"; "Remote Vs Gesture" & so on...
Future of user interface design

View more presentations from ranzeeth.
THE FUTURE OF INTERFACES still evolving & this gives more opportunity for us (UX'ers) to create great experiences.... I have created a presentation which has various types of user interfaces which gives you a flavor of future current / future trends of user interfaces.

I have uploaded this presentation in SlideShare and immediately got a email from SlideShare that this presentation "The future of Interface & Design Technologies" has showcased in SlideShare main Design section as a awesome master piece by SlideShare editorial team. Again after couple of hours got a email from Slide share that this presentation is hot in facebook and they have moved it to Slide Share Home page. This made me more happier, so called customer experience & satisfaction :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hurraiah! Ignite Hyderabad a great success!

Successful organized & managed IGNITE HYDERABAD event Vol on 17th April 2011. What is IGNITE BTW?
Ignite is a global event spread across 100 cities worldwide, organized  by volunteers, where participants are given five minutes to speak  about their ideas and personal or professional passions, accompanied  by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The presentations are meant to "ignite" the  audience on a subject, i.e. to generate awareness and to stimulate  thought and action on the subjects presented. The presentations are in  the realm of being inspirational, creative, progressive, transformational, out of the box, etc.

Ignite is independently organized on the local level. Ignite is almost  always free to attend, and is supported financially by sponsorship. Ignite is not elitist in nature and provides platform to anyone who is doing work out of the routine and has ideas to share. Ignite Hyderabad was held at Lamakaan (creative cultural space) on 17th April 2011. There were 10 amazing inspiring speakers who has ignited Hyderabad. 

Speakers Profile

Each Ignite event has 10 speakers to speak for 5 minutes each. The speaker profile for the inaugural meeting are:

  1. Sugandh Rakha, Tech Lead, Amazon, on the topic,  “ I am a person with Stammering”
  2. George S. Chandy, mathematician and logician and inventor of One Page Management System (OPMS)
  3. Vivek Sign, IIM grad, Presentation Evangelist,on the topic, "Finding the mojo in your powerpoint"
  4. AVS Prasad, a homeopathic doctor and a humorous public speaker on the topic, "Public Speaking for Fun"
  5. Giridhar Rao, a linguist human rights activist on “Why the World Needs Esperanto?”
  6. Jack Jigg ,India's #1 Rock DJ, on topic, “STEP INTO THE MIRROR”
  7. Vinay Verma, theatre activist, who also worked with major movies and TV on topic, “ Stage is a World”
  8. Ramakrishna Nagasamy, Product Manager, Sum Total System, a Pranik Healer on topic, “How can you heal the world?”.
  9. Deepak Mittal, MD of La Belle and founder of youth party Jago party, champion of RTI Act, on the topic, "Politics will always be dirty!"
  10. Vijay Ram Kumar, a sweet seller cum environmentalist on topic “Why I do what I do?”
It was a amazing event with live tweets project on the screen, amazing variety of presentations, interaction, networking and what not. We got great response and more than 300 people has joined for this event and will be continuing to organize more events in coming days. I am proud to associate with a great Ignite Hyderabad team and played a key role as a co-curator. It was really a great fun designing all the logos, posters, planning the event, branding, managing social media, inviting speakers, co-ordinating with other team members, brainstorming, etc,
 For more details check face book: 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help Japan... Let us be more Human

A massive magnitude earthquake hit Japan on March 11 causing havoc with blackouts, fire, tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown. Designed some posters to motivate people to donate, help, spread a word, and putting effort to raise funds / donate for Japan and giving moral support.

In times of difficulty, our humanity must compel us to help one another. The Japanese are our brothers and sisters and they need our help in whatever manner we can we must/should gather our resources and offer to them who are in dire need at this time. LET US BE MORE HUMAN... and feel this tragedy***SAVE JAPAN  ***HELP JAPAN

Monday, March 21, 2011

Storytelling for User Experience...Crafting stories for better design

We all tell stories. It's one of the most natural ways to share information, as old as the human race. Stories help us gather and communicate user research, put a human face on analytic data, communicate design ideas, encourage collaboration and innovation, and create a sense of shared history and purpose. 

Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks have written a book on “Storytelling for User Experience … Crafting stories for better design” This book looks across the full spectrum of user experience design to discover when and how to use stories to improve our products. Whether you are a researcher, designer, analyst or manager, you will find ideas and techniques you can put to use in your practice. 

I had personally met Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks at Germany and had a good discussion on this. They have give me a good perspective & how imporant creating peronsas with story telling.  Unfortunately, I was staying in the same hotel where Whitney was staying and got some free time in the mornings to discuss & learn more on Story telling User Experience. I personally thank Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks for sharing knowledge and guiding me. I have taken some notes and made a graphic to share you folks!
Story telling help to share research and design insights in a compelling and effective way. Struggle to communicate the meaning of a large body of data in a way that everyone just "gets" and want to explore a new, innovative idea, and imagine its future.  Storytelling starts with listening. In formal and informal user research, make time for people to tell you their story. You might be surprised at how many great stories (or story fragments) you'll collect if you let them. Just say "Tell me about that" when you hear the start of a juicy story.
Put some stories together and you might have the spark of a design idea. Maybe you call them user stories, or scenarios, but they are all ways of thinking through not just what will happen, but how the characters (users) will react to the experience. And finally, what's a usability test task, except a story for the participant to finish. Make it dramatic or matter-of-fact, but tell a story that launches them into a situation they want to solve or an experience they want to explore.

Get your own copy of Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks book on “Storytelling for User Experience … Crafting stories for better design” and know more insights, this book is worth investing.

Festival of Joy... HOLI

Holi is the festival which symbolises India to its core, Colourful, Young, Vibrant and diverse.  This is one of my favorite festivals and it’s also called “Festival of Joy”. 
Holi is celebrated on the Phalgun Purnima (or Pooranmashi, Full Moon) in the month of Phalgun according to the Hindu calendar. A peculiar coincidence this time, it’s the SUPER MOON. Moon at its closest wooing point with Ole Mother Earth! It was so beautiful….
I had a great time celebrating holi together with my wife and we sprinkled colors on my family members, friends & relatives including my doggy “Chocky”! Ooh it’s a great fun all together. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Experience laser show @ Hyderabad

The lush green environs of Hyderabad Lumbini Park has first ever permanent laser show. This is one example, which i can say a creating "Great Tourist eXperience". Showcasing about Hyderabad history, culture, people, importance, places, etc with Laser lights animating on the water fountain is something to feel & experience live. I really liked the welcome note and the entire 30-40 min sequence of various laser animations, clippings, fountain equalizers, lighting effects. The best part is that a song made on Hyderabad, which welcomes everyone & gives overview about Hyderabad.
I have taken few pics and would like to share you folks! If you plan for Hyderabad, don't give a miss.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you know about me?

One of my friend rang me "tring tring" and invited me for a talk on New media design. He asked me for a short profile write up and i designed this smart simple design which speaks about my personalty & my passions to an extent. I tried something different with my caricature and few logos which i freak every day rather than tons of text profile propaganda :) Hope, you all like this..!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Larger Than Life Experience (Toyota Vision)

Toyota Vision Wall at 2011 Detroit Auto Show from PUSH Offices on Vimeo.
Detroit Autoshow 2011, Toyota wanted to tell the story of the all-new Toyota Prius in an engaging way that could extend beyond the show floor. In response, Project: WorldWide’s GPJ and Juxt Interactive developed “Toyota Vision” - a large-scale multi-touch screen installation with remarkable content.

The interactive experience consisted of three side-by-side, 82” multi-touch LCD screens, showing the life span of the product experience from the factory, to the showroom, to the street. When visitors touched the screen, a graphic hand interface appeared, indicating options of exploration - visitors could learn about the creation of Toyota products, read product details and hear from owners. Lovely idea and it created great customer experience...
More on Juxt Interactive website...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Attended "Advantage IT" Conference & Exhibition

Attended "Advantage IT" Conference & Exhibition at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) on 1-2nd march 2011. The two-day summit is organized by Information Technology and Communications Department of the state government, the IT and ITES Industry Association of AndhraPradesh (ITsAP) and the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI). Over 1,500 delegates has taken part in the event, with over 200 companies showcasing their innovative products and solutions designed / developed in Andhra Pradesh.

Our SumTotal has won a booth space and we had our presence in exhibition & conference. I was representing SumTotal at our booth along with our team at this event. There was a product Showcase and Awards track where many companies including us have showcased a host of products innovated and developed in AP. Attending this products award showcase gave me good idea & impression of how other company products in various domains are competing and focusing on their product user experiences.

In short, I had a wonderful time networking with new people & many of my friends . This has given me a great opportunity to learn new things by looking at different products of various companies / domains. One of my friends Mr.Naidu (CEO) – Mera Events was part of organizing committee and they have done a great job managing this event very effectively. I think this one of the best, biggest & most successful event held in Hyderabad in recent times.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My talk on "Facebook for OBAMA & Facebook for ME"

Facebook for OBAMA & Face book for ME @ Facebook for your Business Seminar @ Hyderabad
News Article published @ Andhra Business

When i was invited as a speaker for this seminar to share my knowledge and my thoughts,  thought that i should speak on something related to reality & people aware a bit.  Finally choose a topic "Facebook for OBAMA & Facebook for ME" This seminar was held at Hotel Celebrations, Hyderabad on Sunday, Feb 2011 organized by Brio Factors group. There were 100 people out there including who have attended this event.

There were other 5-6 speakers including Raj Allipuram (MD& CEO - Brio Factors),  Naidu Darapaneni, CEO of Versant Technologies and, Vamsi Vanteru, Managing Director of Fine Group of companies, P. Madhusudhan Rao, Praveen Kumara Machavaram of ContentMentor & me (Ranjeet Kumar Tayi - SumTotal) who have shared their experiences and it was really kool. Interesting wide range of topics include, The psychological impact Facebook , Personal branding, Social netwrorking, Using Facebook, Facebook for OBAMA & Me and many more.

This event was full day event and i have presented my talk for about 45 Min and there were good range of interaction with participants and happy to hear that they like my presentation. :) Finally there were lot of  requests to do these sessions often. The organizing team resolved to continue such sessions within and outside Hyderabad based on public demand.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nissan "Innovations"

New commercial from Nissan has impressed me using the word "INNOVATION" The interesting part is that they balance ergonomics with environmentalism and with a vision for a green & better future. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Last Hope..!

This old man (Yallaiah, aged about 70+) bought a Cock last year with all his savings. His aim is to breed it and make it a fighter COCK by this Sankranthi. He spent all his time, energy, money and his savings on this cock to make it as a FIGHTER. Yellaiah maintain this cock with full diet and exercise schedule. Morning & Evening swimming, rich nuts every day, Non veg dry foods, regular doctor visit, Almond Oil Massages, etc.

When i spoke to him personally, he said this COCK is my LIFE and i am living just with this HOPE! I am sure this will WIN in todays Cock fighting Betting. All my efforts, money and lot of time taking all the care with a hope that you will participate in Sankranthi Cock Fight and my COCK will WIN my life. Today is the day my COCK need to FIGHT, This decides OUR FATE... IF we loose this COCK FIGHT, i will be loosing everything...everything..everything... including my COCK.. Taking rest in this shade, my heart!... Few hours remaining....!!! Just with my LAST HOPE... HOPE...!!!

I was totally soundless and could not know what to speak. Just told him that you will WIN and HOPE your HOPE will get TRUE. Hoping this cock will WIN and make this old man's HOPE TRUE!

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