Friday, January 29, 2010

Ford GTXI - Gear Up!

My first table top photography experiment..! Equipment used..Tourch light bounced from front through a "KICK" perfume on a flat teak table. Background used for this is a white board. A match stick from top to get the light reflections..

Subject: Hot wheels Ford GTXI
Camera: 450DXSI Canon
Lens: 50mm Canon
Technical Spec: ISO-800; F 1/8
Post processing: Photoshop; Light Room
Photography & Design: Ranjeet
Project 365 - Day29
Copyright © 2010 | Ranz |

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Usability vs User Experience

I have noticed there is lot of confusion to many people between the "User Experience Design" & "Usability". Let me try to explain in few words..!
"Usability refers to the ease with which a user can accomplish his or her goals using any tool. (...) Somewhat in contrast, user experience refers to the way a user perceives his or her interaction with a system. User experience design encompasses both interaction design and visual design and seeks to promote an interface that is pleasing to the user." 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Building Brand Loyalty Tougher Than Ever?

With more ways than ever for consumers to get what they need when they need it, it’s tougher for retailers to build and maintain brand loyalty online. Online shoppers are in fact the most demanding of all shoppers, with high expectations surrounding the breadth of products offered, up-to-date pricing including sales and promotions, a variety of shipping options and more detailed information than is available in a retail store or catalog.
It is a highly competitive online market space and it is not always the traditional multi-channel retailers that are top of mind when shopping online. In our newly released Brand Loyalty Whitepaper leveraging privately-funded research undertaken with BRS Group Modern Research earlier this year, Adobe found that only eight e-retailers score higher than 6% in unaided recall among online shoppers. Further, social media, more than advertising, is shaping customers’ perceptions on businesses (reviews, feedback forums, blogs, etc.) and the result is an influenced economy that is forcing everyone in the public realm—including the owners of products and brands—to become more transparent, open, conversational and honest. Merchandisers are now in a position where they will have to rethink the way influence is distributed and the new role of marketing communications in an information landscape dictated by consumers.
A few affordable suggestions to gain the much-needed traction e-retailers are after include price transparency, product interactivity (connecting with customers via live chat), RIA’s to create an overall engaging online experience and feedback forums to encourage shoppers to share their recommendations with others.
Our research shows that online shoppers are still walking away from shopping carts (an epidemic rarely seen offline) mainly because there is a lack of information, even less engaging content, and little promise that security (still a top concern for consumers) won’t be compromised. How are you stopping this trend? Adobe would love to hear about loyalty tactics that have worked for you. It’s important to us to share that kind of insight with our customers and reveal problem-solving techniques Adobe know can make a difference in ROI.Download the new whitepaper here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Usability in Movies...

watch this movie and this may give a clear picture what Usability mean..!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


OK...Finally this Sankranti... had very great time...! Sankranti is one of my favorite festivals. Every year all our relatives gather at one place at heart of the city and fly kites. This year couple of my cousins who plays an active role was out of town and the climate was cloudy which initially disappointed me.

But luckily it did not rain but there is little wind around. We had cut many kites and couple of my friends joined me. End of the day, we lost more than 20 kites and had cut 40 kites overall... The day ended with lots of fun, joy & happiness...!

BTW my dad has taken a beautiful portrait of mine, I simply loved it :) ...Thank You very much..Dad!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fine writting Instrument...

Fine writting Instrument...
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I love Mont Blanc logo a lot..! Mostly because of rich logo and the finest quality. I finally bought this pen @ Bangkok streets for 200 Batts ..! I am happy as this pen looks the copy of original!

Just tried to capture this with my canon 50mm lens for my day 02 of project 365 and tweaked in Photoshop and created this advertisement.

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