Saturday, August 8, 2009

1000 Portraits Project - A great success

1000 Portraits - 10 Photographers - 1 Day - 1 City - HYDERABAD. Whenever we think of any great city, we think of the monuments, the historic places but the real essence lies in its people. The 1000 portrait project is an attempt to both salute and celebrate the people of Hyderabad.
One Day: Sunday 2Nd, August 2009
10 People: Cishore, Sekhar, Vijju, Rebel, Naveen, Ranjeeth, Chaitanya, Suraj, Preethu, Janki, Jusri, Peddu, Charu, Abhi & Kartik
1000 Portraits:

We have started the project at Necklace road and we split into 2 groups and we started clicking. We have divided in to three categories for each group. Clickers, Snickers and Flickers. Flickers will flick the people and talk to them and make them smile. Snickers will catch , note down the details of the capture numbers and the contact details. Clickers will do the most easiest thing which is capturing & framing.. :)

We have taken ~2400 portraits in a span of 10 hours in 10 different locations and interacted more that 3000+ people. I personally had an interaction with 1600 people and got an good opportunity to explore and study emotional behaviours, facial expressions, smiles, different communication, etc. I was surprised to see that Hyderabad people are very open minded and most of them has no issues to share their smile and photographs.

Initially we had some difficulties in convincing people but when we explained about the social cause and our profiles people came forward to share their smiles. Overall this is a great experience in my life capturing 1000 portraits in one day. This is done for the first time in ASIA. This was done in UK, USA, Spain in the past and now we the "Hyderabadies" has done it. All the expenditure for this project will be shared by this 10 people just for making "Hyderabad Smile".

A exhibit on will is planned this month end and the venue will be updated shortly. You can view 1000 portraits here:

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