Friday, October 28, 2011

Jobs - We Salute You...

Steve Job - you are real innovator, a great designer and creator, we feel connected to someone who is also a designer and visionary.You have given new path & many products which made revolution and made people life simpler. You are the one who made people aware of design & its importance how "smart" a product can be. I am avid MAC user and started my career on MAC for learning Photoshop in the year 1998. I have been toggling between Apple  / Windows at work but i love MAC to work with. Apple is something close to my heart and love & feel proud to use all apple gadgets.

You have been struggling with virus called cancer and finally we lost you. You are our true inspiration and role model. Love to  follow your path and keep you quotes in mind always. I love this quote "Stay Hungry... Stay Foolish" and this mean lot to us... You may be gone but you have left such a great legacy. You visualize mixture of art & science to make computing simpler and your design sense created a bond between the people. 
Jobs- You are still in our memory and you are there in our inspiration always. Thanks for everything...You will be our inspiration & memories... WE SALUTE YOU

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