Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Colors of the WEB

The Colors of the WEB - Top 100 Brand Colors Analysis
Colors are the most important plays a powerful role in creating the web brand identity. ColorLovers team did a small analysis on colors and created a info graphic which is worth having a look, so have a look :)
As it turns out, web brands love color. Only a few of them are predominantly grey or black and white. The most popular color is blue (nearly all big social networks use it), followed by a variety of reds and oranges. Also, many of the web’s top brands, such as Google and MSN, have a multicolored logo.
The data used to create this collected from Alexa, Compete and Nielsen to compile the list of the top 100 brands on the web, and while one can always question their methodology, the info graphic definitely paints an interesting picture concerning color usage by some of the most popular brands on the web.


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