Monday, September 19, 2016

How to elevate yourself to UX Leadership?

What do UX Managers look when they hire designers?

Which path should I take? IC or Management? 

How to step into UX Strategy and UX Leadership? 

UXINDIA 2016 is introducing 'UXLadder', a one of a kind un-conference on design careers. UXLadder is a series of audience driven discussions, where experts/mentors from the industry address questions and challenges faced by UX talent in advancing their career. 

This un-conference runs in three tracks for our audience at various levels in their UX career. #ux#uxindiaconf 

for Beginners and Entry level What do UX Managers look when they hire designers? Learn about latest trends in UX hiring, portfolio tips and interview prep. Get insights into how to thrive and move higher up.

UX MASTERY for Mid to Senior Level Which path should I take? IC or Management? Learn about the qualities they see in prospects to hire or promote to senior roles Get insights into the strategies and attitude required to showcase performance.

for Management & Leadership How to elevate yourself to UX Leadership? Learn about the qualities and qualifications to get to leadership roles, both IC and Management. Get insights into the strategies required to showcase achievements and bring visibility.

This program is a payback from UXINDIA for all the love and support we have been receiving from our growing base of loyal audience over the past decade. We gather questions in advance from our audience which will be answered by our experts at the conference besides any other live questions. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Responsive, Scalable and Liquid Design

My recent talk on "Responsive, Scalable and Liquid Design"
Responsive, Scalable and Liquid Design. This presentation talks about the new way of web design standard / technique aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading - easily accessible and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices along with various examples.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"INTERNET OF THINGS" - The Changing Face of Digital Marketing.

My recent talk on "INTERNET OF THINGS" - The Changing Face of Digital Marketing held on 30th November 2013 at DMIC - Digital Marketing India Conference @ International School of Telecom, Technology and Management, Hyderabad.

The Art of Baby Bathing…

This time i have displayed Nriti's picture which i have captured at my home when she is less than 2 months old at "Reflections" 2013 @ State Art Gallery, Hyderabad. 
Like a chore, bathing seems like another activity engrained in our routine. But a new life as precious as this makes it ceremonious, meticulous and worth capturing. That fear of testing new waters, the relief when it is done cannot be written or said but only felt.

(Santhu, Me and Nriti @ Gallery)
Thrilled with the feedback which i have got from our chief guest Vicky Roy and all other photography friends that they liked this capture the best.  Some of them suggested me to send this for international photography competitions and will plan to do that. You really feel happy when you print, frame and display in the photo exhibition.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Dad is a new Android User and my observation

My dad lost his Iphone3 recently in a vegetable market. We have all the bills and serial numbers and filed a police compliant. Surprisingly there is a separate huge mobile lost register in the police station and our details were entered but "No Luck".

Got his new duplicate SIM card and given my old Nokia N70 for time being. I noticed that he has lot of difficulty using "Key Pad Phone" with smaller display. He told me that i don't want this "Stupid Buttons". He is a Retd. Govt officer and 63 years old (point tobe noted). I started observing his user behavior very carefully on the "mobile phones" interactions and asked him to play around with My wife's Sony Ericsson and Mom's Samsung Flip Phone and other couple of old phones which are again not "Touch" interface and not "Big Screens". Finally, i have given him my Iphone 4 and he is really comfortable and i noticed "happiness" in his face.

This made me thing more from "User Experience" perspective and nailed down to 4 primary questions.
1) Is he happy with the IPhone "Ease of Use" ?
2) Bigger Screen & Size of the phone?
3) Touch Interface?
4) Apple Brand?

I have asked him to goto a mobile store and play around with all latest mobile phones in the market. He explored multiple mobile phone including Iphone 5, HTC, Samsung, BalckBerry, etc. and finally told me that he like the white phone with Bigger display but expressed that all good  mobiles are damm expensive and above INR -25,000/-. His feedback on Samsung Tablet Phone was "That this don't fit in my pocket" and "Har to Hold" and this not a decent size. Finally as is an existing user of IOS- Iphone3 from almost 2 years, He suggested me to give my Iphone4 for him and you buy a new phone of your like. I was bit curious why my dad is more lean towards Iphone.

After couple of days, on his birthday i have gifted a surprise with a brand new "Samsung Galaxy Duo" white phone. I wanted to observe all his reaction, emotion, excitement and exploration of "Android" as he is using for the first time and an interesting user segment . He was super exited with the new gadget with bigger screen and without a key board. As you guys aware this is an upgrade from Iphone3 to Android. In the past he used to ask me to download multiple apps like Talking Tom, Solitaire etc. With the super excitement  placed his SIM card and stated exploration how to use it. I was bit curious and want him to explore himself and just guide him only if he has some basic questions. He connected to wifi and watched you tube videos, Google around and sent text messages.

My dad is very exited with android than apple and tweaking / swiping all the apps and trying out. Surprisingly i have noticed next morning he is explored skype and also made some viber calls to his friends. When i asked do you love Apple or Samsung, He replied that Apple is also good but i am loving the Samsung Big Screen, More display, White Color and i can do my task easily. He told vibrantly that i want more contacts, videos, music, browse internet for emails, text, and able to see the my recent history and easy to call or end calls.

I think "Excitement" "Emotions" "Happiness" "Ease of Use" "Look N Feel" "Size" "Effectiveness" plays a key role for any product success. I am sure my dad will teach me about new apps, features and feedback in shortly.. :) I am really super exited watching this as a son who is an User eXperience Professional.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oooh my god, my photograph was SOLD!

{REFLECTIONS} 2nd Annual Photo exhibition by Team HWS - 2012

I am a very active member of photography club called "Hyderabad Weekend Shoots" and was associated from the day this was founded. Every year we volunteer and organize an annual photography group exhibition called "REFLECTIONS". Team HWS (Hyderabad Weekend Shoots) comprises individuals from various walks of life, drawn together by a common passion – Photography. Through the lenses of their cameras, photographers of Team HWS with their energetic shutterbugs explore the continuum of varied subjects and places.

This is the second annual exhibition "Reflections 2" which was held at State Art Gallery form 1-3rd December and  75+ photographers display their work. This photo exhibition witnessed the work of the photographers in diverse fields. It was a tribute and a celebration of the teamwork and we also feel this is a photo festival.

My Picture - "THE SYMBOL OF HYDERABAD" @ Reflections 2012

 This time i have exhibited one of my photograph on "CHARMINAR"  " The symbol of Hyderabad". Charminar is the landmark monument of Hyderabad and picture resembles the signature style of Islamic architecture.Do you know some thing my photograph was bidded by "Mr.Brijesh Nayak" who was a gallery visitor. It is one of the heights of my happiness that "My photograph was sold" and this is for my first time in my life.

With my friends - Prashant Jain, Allipuram Rajsekhar, Me at the Gallery

Mug shot with my friends

With all photographers who has showcased their work

 Overall the 3 days were very memorable and had multiple photography stuff. Keeping every one engaged with activities like mug shots, photographs, time lapse photography, portraits, red carpet photography, and awesome inauguration and closing ceremony. Will post some pics to get a flavor and don't miss our REFLECTIONS 2013 :)

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