Monday, November 7, 2011

Yeh Lal Rang!

A hero is travelling from Karnataka in search of his heroine. In this journey, he travels to various places. The hero of this story is not revealed. There is also a villain who is trying to chase the heroine. What happens next? 
This story is curated with more than seventy pictures of TEAM HWS Photographers (India's most active online  photo walking community) and the unique part of this is that all the photographs are in red theme. This event is organized by me and my TEAM HWS and curated by Kaali Sudheer.

This unique photo exhibition `Yeh Lal Rang'  is open to all from November 13 - 22nd at Muse Art Gallery, Hotel Marriott, Hyderabad. This is a charity event. 
All my friends are invited for the photo exhibition "Yeh Lal Rang!"

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