Monday, December 26, 2011

FlashMob Dance with Kids on Christmas Day!

Hundreds of children come out of their houses along with their parents to celebrate Christmas, tiny tots snuggled cozily in their parents arms. However, there is other side to this reality. Reality of hundreds of kids who are not so lucky, who do not have parents, kids who are orphans, kids who are homeless, kids who are disadvantaged. Yes - there are a few Samaritans, who make a point to visit them and distribute toffees and sweets on such occasions. But does that make them feel better ? We don't know. So, we thought of turning the story around ~ Instead of we visiting them, we thought why not get them out of their orphanage and allow them to celebrate with the world outside ... in their own style.

It was an amazing experience, the kids are so lovely.. We had great time...! And here is how we did it ..experience this..!

This is organized by Lectures For Good and People behind this project are Preeti Pooja, Tania Dey, Ravi Kumar, Chandra Sekhar Singh, Rama Viswanatha, Nivedita Narsapur, Paritosh Prahraj, Sultan, Ranjeet Kumar Tayi & others who supoorted this event.

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