Monday, February 21, 2011

My talk on "Facebook for OBAMA & Facebook for ME"

Facebook for OBAMA & Face book for ME @ Facebook for your Business Seminar @ Hyderabad
News Article published @ Andhra Business

When i was invited as a speaker for this seminar to share my knowledge and my thoughts,  thought that i should speak on something related to reality & people aware a bit.  Finally choose a topic "Facebook for OBAMA & Facebook for ME" This seminar was held at Hotel Celebrations, Hyderabad on Sunday, Feb 2011 organized by Brio Factors group. There were 100 people out there including who have attended this event.

There were other 5-6 speakers including Raj Allipuram (MD& CEO - Brio Factors),  Naidu Darapaneni, CEO of Versant Technologies and, Vamsi Vanteru, Managing Director of Fine Group of companies, P. Madhusudhan Rao, Praveen Kumara Machavaram of ContentMentor & me (Ranjeet Kumar Tayi - SumTotal) who have shared their experiences and it was really kool. Interesting wide range of topics include, The psychological impact Facebook , Personal branding, Social netwrorking, Using Facebook, Facebook for OBAMA & Me and many more.

This event was full day event and i have presented my talk for about 45 Min and there were good range of interaction with participants and happy to hear that they like my presentation. :) Finally there were lot of  requests to do these sessions often. The organizing team resolved to continue such sessions within and outside Hyderabad based on public demand.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nissan "Innovations"

New commercial from Nissan has impressed me using the word "INNOVATION" The interesting part is that they balance ergonomics with environmentalism and with a vision for a green & better future. 

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