Monday, May 23, 2011

The Future of User Interface & Design Technologies

The future if user interfaces - The way we interact with technologies have evolved a lot over the years. Right from the punch cards, typewriters, prints, to monitors, mouses, keyboard, buttons to all the way to the new track pads, voice recognition, multi touch, hand held, gestures and interfaces designed to make it more easier.

Lot of interaction patterns has been changed from "Smaller Vs Bigger"; "Cursor Vs Non Cursor" ; "Less Text Vs More Images"; "More Design Vs Less Design"; "Single Cursor Vs Multi Cursors"; "Vertical Scroll Vs Horizontal Scroll"; "Fixed Layout Vs Scalable Layout"; "Audio Vs Video"; "Remote Vs Gesture" & so on...
Future of user interface design

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THE FUTURE OF INTERFACES still evolving & this gives more opportunity for us (UX'ers) to create great experiences.... I have created a presentation which has various types of user interfaces which gives you a flavor of future current / future trends of user interfaces.

I have uploaded this presentation in SlideShare and immediately got a email from SlideShare that this presentation "The future of Interface & Design Technologies" has showcased in SlideShare main Design section as a awesome master piece by SlideShare editorial team. Again after couple of hours got a email from Slide share that this presentation is hot in facebook and they have moved it to Slide Share Home page. This made me more happier, so called customer experience & satisfaction :)

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