Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HCI- Upcomming Events in this Year

15-16 November 2007
CARS 2007, ChiCl Annual Research Symposium, Preston, UK.

22 November 2008
USAB 07, Usability & HCI for Medicine and Health Care, Graz, Austria.

26-28 November 2007
UCS 2007, International symposium on Ubiquitous Computing Systems, Tokyo, Japan.

29-30 November 2007
HAID 2007, 2nd international workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design, Seoul, Korea.

30 November-2 December 2007
UMO 07, National conference on Designing for User Experience, Hyderabad, India.

6 December 2007
HCT 2007, 10th Human-Centered Technology postgraduate workshop, Sussex, UK.

UX Groups

Usability World
Usability World is a group of professionals from India which includes Usability Engineers, Usability Analysts, Interaction Designers, UI Designers, User Experience Designers having vast experience in Usability, User Interface Design, User Centric Design, Usability Analysis, User Experience Management, Visual Design, Art Direction, media Design, Product Design, Accessability, User Testing, HCI, and Human Factors.

UPA Hyderabad
A local UPA chapter( for HCI enthusiasts in hyderabad working in the field of Usability Engineering & Human Comptuer Interaction Design. A free platform to share news and resources in HCI. A forum open to all people from Art, Design, Research, Testing, Documentation, & Students in Hyderabad.

Design IndiaInteraction platform for Professional Designers of all kinds. Product designers, Graphic designers, Fashion Designers, Animators, Illustrators. NID, IDC, Srishti, NIFT , Symbiosis or from other colleges.
Faculty, practicing designers, journalists, writers all welcome.STUDENTS who are doing their industrial trainings and or final projects are welcome to join in too. Students must mention the year and diploma project.

CHI MumbaiCHI Mumbai a ACM chartered special interest group for professionals in the field of Human Computer Interaction based out of Mumbai region in India. CHI Mumbai brings together people working on the design, evaluation, implementation, and study of interactive computing systems for human use. CHI Mumbai provides a national, interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas about the field of human-computer interaction HCI).

This group is related to human-computer interaction design. We discuss interaction design, usability, information architecture and related fields. It is primarily a group of professionals from India. Students and those not from India are welcome too.

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