Thursday, November 12, 2009

You are so special to me MOM!

This time Diwali 2009 was so special to me. We got lots of crackers but i was more interested in capturing the fireworks and was busy clicking...wonderful colors and lights :) Captured many pictures, done different photography experiments and played with low light photography. Do you know who is my Model? As usual regular model "MY LOVING MOM" ...!

I really liked the lights in a row. Just looking for some time got an idea to gift something special to my dearest mom. Taken a low light shot in a bulb mode (Low exposure) using a tripod. This came up very well and immediately given for large size print and beautifully framed with silver frame. That's my Diwali gift to my MoM and this thrilled me a lot and this made Diwali...a awesome memory for me...

Check the photograph

Thank You, God, for giving Me the gift of living. In this curious, strange World where all things change And where I can grow to be My best and utmost me. Thank You that I desire Always to mount up higher And be something more Than I have been before, And thank You for my mind That always seeks to find The beautiful and true And be one with You. You are so special to me....My dear MOM!

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