Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tips on Google’s new open source browser Chrome

Google Chrome released out for downloading. It is very fast, simple and good looking.It has an important feature which is given in Firefox;If your system turned off suddenly when you browse, after restarting the browser you can restore the pages.Number of features are given in Google chrome.New add-on’s will come as it is open source browser.This browser will be a competent to other existing browsers like Firefox, IE7, Safari etc,.If you didn’t download Google chrome, Try downloading it at Google Chrome web page. I will give you assurance that it will be great experience for you to use this browser.Lot of Tricks have been found and i take this tips and tricks in front of you with this post.
CTRL+SHIFT+N:-If you try this you will be open a new window in “incognito” mode. In this mode no trace out’s are left behind your pc like cookies,passwords,usernames. So, now we don’t have an extra task every time to delete history,cookies etc,. You can also open “Incognito” in new window by going to CURRENT CONTROL PAGE on right side of address bar and select NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW.
ALT+HOME:-Loads home page you have set as default and displays thumbnails of recently visited websites or pages.
CONTROL+T:-Opens a new Blank Tab.CONTROL+SHIFT+T:-Opens the most recent tab you have closed and if you give another stroke with CONTROL+SHIFT+T then it opens another recent tab you closed one just before opened tab.CONTROL+NUMBER
(CONTROL+1,CONTROL+2 Like that):-This will shift between tabs currently available.CONTROL+TAB:-This let you open tabs in an order.New Firefox 3 comes with a new feature. Drag and drop a link to a tab. This feature is available in Google Chrome.CONTROL+B:-By using this you can hide or show Bookmarks bar.CONTROL+H:-Open History page.
CONTROL+J:-Open download page.Google Chrome allows you to see how much memory your tabs and Plugins are using by implementing Task Manager.Point your mouse pointer to the top of browser window and right click the select Task manager. You can close particular tab or Plugin by ending process.
SHIFT+ESCAPE:-Opens Browser Task manager.about:plugins - This lets you see what plugins are installed in your browser.about:crash - This lets you see how a crashed tab looks like.about:stats, about:network, about:histograms, about:memory, about:cache, about:dns, about:internets - These lets you know more about Google Chrome.

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