Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

All my dearest friends..! who are
....COMMITTED - "Happy Valentines Day"
....SINGLE - treat this as "Happy Independence Day"
...haha! Copied this text from my friends SMS! ;) Any ways...adding my own string..!
....Multiple-  "Happy Valentines Day" X "Number of persons" / "Number of months in relationship" (my wild guess.. lol!)

Valentine Day is a day of the year when you can express your love to the people you appreciate.  Do we need a special day for this? Every day can be a Valentines day ...Right! Some how i feel that these days are just made for commercializing and make money out of it..! There is nothing wrong but now days people are going more ext-reams which is a bad part but other side... a day to celebrate and a reason to get together... No offence... this is just my view..!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advertisements kills the credibility & main functionality

"Advertisements kills the credibility & main functionality"
I was just searching for a new car deals. Just logged into I saw a new XYLO flash advertisement on the interface and tried to close it. Unfortunately the close button is not working and could not able to close it. The main functionality & heart of this portal is in the search functionality but this is hidden under this advertisement. Tried several ways to do my task but literally failed and got frustrated. Is this a bug created by the advertiser? QA of CarWale did not fix this? Who will provide these advertisements? In most cases advertisements kills and diverts the user from the main content / task.

We know that advertisements are the most revenue generating sources, but it is very much important that there should be a good balance between the usability / content and the sites actual purpose.  let me share you the funniest thing. When i was struggling with this and called up my friend "Rajendra" who is basically a QA professional. He just played with this interaction for couple of minutes and told me that this is a bug and more over gave me a workaround that click on the home page tab for couple of times and try clicking close button until it goes away :)  QA know this... but what about the normal User? .... Interesting!

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