Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Art of Baby Bathing…

This time i have displayed Nriti's picture which i have captured at my home when she is less than 2 months old at "Reflections" 2013 @ State Art Gallery, Hyderabad. 
Like a chore, bathing seems like another activity engrained in our routine. But a new life as precious as this makes it ceremonious, meticulous and worth capturing. That fear of testing new waters, the relief when it is done cannot be written or said but only felt.

(Santhu, Me and Nriti @ Gallery)
Thrilled with the feedback which i have got from our chief guest Vicky Roy and all other photography friends that they liked this capture the best.  Some of them suggested me to send this for international photography competitions and will plan to do that. You really feel happy when you print, frame and display in the photo exhibition.

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